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Male Waxing Tips

Just like women, men also need waxing in order to do away with their unwanted body hair. Many men will wonder why waxing and not shaving or laser hair removal. What you need to understand is that shaving just involves cutting off the hair at the skin’s surface while waxing involves removing the hair from its roots. Though painful exercise, waxing is the best step to take since the results are far better than shaving especially for longer periods of time. Below are some recommendations for men's waxing.
There are various reasons why it is good to wax instead of shaving. Some of the reasons are:
•  It removes the hair from its root thereby enabling you to have a skin free of hair for 3-6 weeks depending on the person.
•  Unlike with shaving where your skin is smooth for a short period of time and many times not even after shaving, waxing leaves your skin feeling soft for a few weeks.
•  Waxing can improve your self-esteem especially for men who are self-conscious about excessive body hair
•  Waxing will eventually reduce hair growth and your hair will start to thin out.
• Waxing can help with ingrown hairs and many of the problems that come with ingrown hair

If you have any open wounds just postpone the waxing till you heal. This also applies sunburned skin which could be very painful if done during this time. There are may pre-waxing tips, but the biggest tip is to find some who is a professional and expert at waxing. Finding a Brazilian sugaring waxing expert is something we recommend even if you don't get a male Brazilian wax. If you have a Brazilian wax expert  do your waxing, you can be certain they have plenty of practice with waxing the most sensitive areas so getting your back or chest wax from a well-qualified esthetician just makes sense.

Pre-waxing tips
• Two weeks prior to your appointment, do not shave. Your hair must be at least ½ inch long and therefore, it is not good to shave or apply the hair removal creams.
• Make sure you shower before you go for your waxing
• Exfoliate the are that will be waxed. Exfoliation will get rid of dead skin and will help reduce itchiness and ingrown hairs after waxing.
• Refrain from the use of any lotions on the skin before coming for your waxing day. Lotion does not only change the wax’s consistency, but it also makes it hard for the hair removal.

After waxing, apply an antiseptic product and avoid the sun or water like pools and seawater.

Post-waxing tips
• Keep the waxed area clean and also protected from heat exposure for at least three days after the waxing
• Wear clean and loose fitted clothes
• Apply antiseptic creams on your skin for the next two days so that you can keep the skin smooth
• Apply on the waxed area products made from tea tree oil since these products are usually antibacterial.
• Avoid hot baths or showers
• Abstain from sunbathing or any other form of tanning programs as much as possible.
• Keep off from spas, salons, saunas or hot tubs
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Your first wax experience can be quite heart wrecking, but with proper research waxing is a service that can help you personally. For many people waxing is the only solutions to their problem. Just remember you will not be the first man to get a wax. To sum up this article, the best thing we recommend is to find a reviews online base and make a sound decision on a wax spa that is well established. We recommend you find a waxing and sugaring spa since they will be well informed on how to use the various types of wax.