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Do People Really Search For Products And Services On YouTube And Facebook Instead Of Search Engines Like Google?

Search Engine v Social Media

When most people search for items that they would like to purchase, or services that they need, they often go to a website like Google. The search engines are the primary location where most people go when they are searching for the things that they would like to buy.

Part of the reason is that businesses will rank their websites on the search engines for specific keyword phrases. This allows them to generate the traffic that they need in order to make sales. However, more people than ever before are deviating from using the search engines and are using the YouTube website and Facebook to find products and services. Let's go over why this is, and if you are a business owner, how you can use this information to your advantage.

Why Do Most People Use Search Engines To Find Products And Services?

The most obvious reason that people go to a search engine like Google to find whatever it is that they want to purchase is that these businesses have websites. The search engine spiders are constantly looking on servers across the world, searching for new content that they can index.

If you have done your SEO properly, and you are targeting longtail keyword phrases related to your business, you should have no problem getting consistent traffic from the search engines. This has been standard practice for well over a decade. However, social media, and video websites, are rising to prominence when it comes to marketing things that people want to buy.

Why Do People Use Video Websites To Find Products And Services Today?

Videos have really changed the way that people market anything that they sell on the web. More people are looking at videos then they are actual websites. Statistics have shown that people will watch thousands of hours of video in a single year. Videos are also very easy to share, and you will see them on social media platforms.

Most importantly, videos rank easily on the search engines, above and beyond any webpage regardless of the type of SEO that has been used to optimize that website. Therefore, people will not only find videos when searching on Google and other search engines, but when they go to YouTube, if there is a video for the product or service they are looking for, it has a higher probability of ranking at the top of the search listings on that video platform. Therefore, for some people, it's easier to find what they want to purchase by simply using video websites.

A good example of a company using video markeing and not just SEO to get customers for their business would be Brand That Name an SEO company in the UK. As you can see from the video above, they have obvioulsy spent some time to create and rank an explainer video for their business on Youtube. They came up when i searched for SEO Agency, so they must get potential clients from having this video online as it has had about 50 views in a few weeks since it was uploaded.

Why Do People Use Social Media Platforms Like Facebook To Find Products And Services?

People use social media platforms to find products merely as a byproduct of spending so much time on them. It is the sheer volume of people that use Facebook that has led many marketers to targeting this audience. You will see advertisements on the side in Facebook that you can click on, but the most prominent advertisements are through marketing to the newsfeed.

You will see people marketing products using images and videos, and they do so for a couple of reasons. First of all, the people that are following them will see every post that they make and this can help them sell their products similar to how an autoresponder works if you have an email list. Moreover, people love to share images and videos on social media, and therefore you have the potential of developing an advertising campaign that will go viral, helping you to generate more traffic.

Again, using the company example above, a quick search on Facebook and Twitter shows that Brand That Name are also very actice on social Media. The fact that they have such a social media presence is probably helping them rank in Seach Engines. 

To summarise, It is because of the viral nature of social media, and also how easy it is to rank videos on video websites that people are using YouTube and Facebook in order to market their products and services.

It is also becoming much more common for people to do this, and because of this conditioning, people are simply doing what everyone else is doing which is making more purchases on video platforms and social media sites. If you have a business, you can use this information to your advantage to start generating more traffic on a daily basis.

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