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Do People Really Search For Products And Services On YouTube And Facebook Instead Of Search Engines Like Google?

Search Engine v Social Media

When most people search for items that they would like to purchase, or services that they need, they often go to a website like Google. The search engines are the primary location where most people go when they are searching for the things that they would like to buy.

Part of the reason is that businesses will rank their websites on the search engines for specific keyword phrases. This allows them to generate the traffic that they need in order to make sales. However, more people than ever before are deviating from using the search engines and are using the YouTube website and Facebook to find products and services. Let's go over why this is, and if you are a business owner, how you can use this information to your advantage.

Why Do Most People Use Search Engines To Find Products And Services?

The most obvious reason that people go to a search engine like Google to find whatever it is that they want to purchase is that these businesses have websites. The search engine spiders are constantly looking on servers across the world, searching for new content that they can index.

If you have done your SEO properly, and you are targeting longtail keyword phrases related to your business, you should have no problem getting consistent traffic from the search engines. This has been standard practice for well over a decade. However, social media, and video websites, are rising to prominence when it comes to marketing things that people want to buy.

Why Do People Use Video Websites To Find Products And Services Today?

Videos have really changed the way that people market anything that they sell on the web. More people are looking at videos then they are actual websites. Statistics have shown that people will watch thousands of hours of video in a single year. Videos are also very easy to share, and you will see them on social media platforms.

Most importantly, videos rank easily on the search engines, above and beyond any webpage regardless of the type of SEO that has been used to optimize that website. Therefore, people will not only find videos when searching on Google and other search engines, but when they go to YouTube, if there is a video for the product or service they are looking for, it has a higher probability of ranking at the top of the search listings on that video platform. Therefore, for some people, it's easier to find what they want to purchase by simply using video websites.

A good example of a company using video markeing and not just SEO to get customers for their business would be Brand That Name an SEO company in the UK. As you can see from the video above, they have obvioulsy spent some time to create and rank an explainer video for their business on Youtube. They came up when i searched for SEO Agency, so they must get potential clients from having this video online as it has had about 50 views in a few weeks since it was uploaded.

Why Do People Use Social Media Platforms Like Facebook To Find Products And Services?

People use social media platforms to find products merely as a byproduct of spending so much time on them. It is the sheer volume of people that use Facebook that has led many marketers to targeting this audience. You will see advertisements on the side in Facebook that you can click on, but the most prominent advertisements are through marketing to the newsfeed.

You will see people marketing products using images and videos, and they do so for a couple of reasons. First of all, the people that are following them will see every post that they make and this can help them sell their products similar to how an autoresponder works if you have an email list. Moreover, people love to share images and videos on social media, and therefore you have the potential of developing an advertising campaign that will go viral, helping you to generate more traffic.

Again, using the company example above, a quick search on Facebook and Twitter shows that Brand That Name are also very actice on social Media. The fact that they have such a social media presence is probably helping them rank in Seach Engines. 

To summarise, It is because of the viral nature of social media, and also how easy it is to rank videos on video websites that people are using YouTube and Facebook in order to market their products and services.

It is also becoming much more common for people to do this, and because of this conditioning, people are simply doing what everyone else is doing which is making more purchases on video platforms and social media sites. If you have a business, you can use this information to your advantage to start generating more traffic on a daily basis.

Social Media Marketing
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DIY Carpet Cleaning Vs. Hiring A Professional

Most homeowners are made to believe that carpet cleaning is an easy task that they can do by themselves. Everyone likes to save some money where they can and avoid using the “costly’’ carpet cleaning services. Well, did you know that cleaning your carpet improperly can cost you a lot of money, time and effort? Compared to doing it yourself, professionals will use the latest techniques and products. They will have more knowledge and expertise on carpet cleaning that you can ever have.

So, why should you really consider using a professional for all your carpet cleaning needs? Well, here are a couple of reasons:

Professional services are easy, fast, efficient and convenient

If you have tried cleaning a carpet on your own, it must have taken the whole day to clean it properly. Well, professionals do the job faster, a few hours at most, depending on the number as well as the size of your rooms. Ideally, if you are a person with a busy schedule, you barely have the time to attend to your carpet. Even during the weekends, I doubt that you will have enough time to deal with frustrating carpet issues like stains, pet hair, dirty water and the like. To avoid all the hassle, you need to hire a carpet cleaning professional, and you will have a cleaner carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company will also show any other services they provide on their website which sometimes you can get a nice deal by doing multiple services.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Are Cost Effective

Identifying the proper carpet cleaning equipment and products can be a daunting task, especially if you are not an expert. Professional grade tools ideally cost thousands of dollars, not to mention that you will have to go through hundreds of cleaning products to identify the ideal one for your carpet. Well, are you willing to spend all that money and time just to clean the carpet on your own? You will certainly save a lot of money and time by using professional carpet cleaning services.

It is a misconception to assume that cleaning a carpet on your own will save you money. It can cost you, even more, money if you ruin your carpet and have to buy a new one. Many are the times where household owners use too much water and cleaners when attempting the job the job on their own. This results to odor and mold at the most. Get a mold problem and you have a lot more to spend than just getting a new carpet. So if you just want a clean carpet, just leave the job to the professionals.


How Does A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Help Prevent Water Pollution

Non-source pollution is the main reason for an increase in stormwater pollution. This pollution comes from run-off from cities and suburban areas. Most open areas in these places are covered by concrete or asphalt and these impervious surfaces lead to the waste, dirt and other polluting items finding their way into drains, which then lead to waterways.

Stormwater pollution can lead to degradation in the integrity of groundwater sources. Storm water pollution is a major problem and this needs to be controlled. This has led to laws and regulations being put in place to require major industries and large projects to have in place a stormwater pollution prevention plan or SWPP before they commence any construction that will alter the quality of water being discharged into drains that lead onward to water sources.

Developing such plans requires a lot of planning and can take a lot of time and thought. A properly planned SWPP requires a team to be formed that will be responsible for designing the plan, implementing it and maintaining it so that it functions as it is required to. All plans that are connected with the environment must be viewed while developing this plan so that there is an overall control on environmental factors. During this planning, it is essential to identify the sources of pollution that can find their way into storm water drains. A map can be prepared that locates all the sources of pollution. An inventory of all the materials that will be handled, processed or stored at that site must be made. Any previous record of spills or leaks of these substances that can add to pollution must be made available to the planning authority. Any discharges that are normally led into storm water drains, even when there are no storms must be tested and evaluated for their ability to add to the pollution. Any data that can be made available that can indicate pollution in existing storm water drains can help to act as a benchmark to decide on whether pollution is being added. All these findings must be summarized and then an SWPP can be drawn up that will keep the pollution within the parameters laid down by the authorities.

It is important that an SWPP also includes the best management practices that must be followed so that stormwater pollution can be controlled. The industry or project must follow good housekeeping methods that reduce the pollution. All equipment and property must be properly maintained, and all areas must be visually inspected. Spills must be prevented and measures to contain such spills and immediate responses to any occurrences must be practiced and in place. Erosion of materials that can lead to sedimentation in storm water drains must be minimized.

It is necessary that all employees be trained to be aware of the SWPP and the need to follow the proper management practices for dealing with storm water. The plan must be regularly evaluated, and if necessary revised. Spills, leaks and other occurrences that add to pollution must be properly recorded. To find out more information about SWPPP's please visit this Orange County consultant


Common Signs That You Have A Plumbing Leak

Running water is metered in most cases, and a homeowner can easily know when there is a plumbing leak by checking the water meter. But a leak on your line can be quite costly. Most of the time, a leak may not be immediately detected. You may have to pay a heavy price by the time the leak is detected. That's why you need to be aware of the other common signs of a plumbing leak in your home. If you are not sure of what you are doing we recommend to find a good plumbing website and see some the services they offer. When it doubt, call  your local plumber.  Here are some of the most common signs that you have a plumbing leak in your home.

Identifying a hidden water leak in your home is not an easy task after all. But it is vital that you locate such leaks as early as possible to prevent costly repairs to the plumbing system, walls, and floor of your house. On the other hand, a leak can be quite costly and increase your water bill over time. One of the most common signs in your home is damaged wallpaper or paint. In fact, the walls can give you the first sign of a water leak in your home. If you find the paint chipping off the walls, it could be due to a water leak in the house. When water gets trapped between the wallpaper and the paint, it eradicates the bond, and the pain will start to peel as a result.

If the floor in your bathroom or kitchen starts to crack or stain for no good reason, there could be a water leak in your home. In fact, even the tiles in your bathroom can begin to loosen due to the moisture underneath the tile. It could be due to a burst pipe underneath your floor. The appearance of mold or mildew on the walls or floor of the house is another common sign of a water leak. In fact, mold and mildew will flourish in moist areas in the house. A leaking pipe underneath the floor or behind the wall provide a good atmosphere for mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew are dangerous since they can cause numerous respiratory illnesses in your family members. That's why you need to attend to such water leaks to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in your home.

When a water leak goes unnoticed for some time, it can result in a bad smell of stale water. When water accumulates for some time, it begins to stale and gives an awful smell over time. If you clean the house on a regular basis but still notice a damp smell in the house, you are probably dealing with a water leak in the house. These are some of the most common signs of a plumbing leak in your home.

You should seek assistance from a reputed like and experienced plumbing contractor in the area when dealing with a water leak in your home. The aforementioned article provides information on the common signs that you have a plumbing leak.


Finding The Top 5 Best Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning, it is important to find good and effective products. If you are looking for natural cleaning products, you will want to be sure that you are able to find the highest quality products that you can buy. The good news is, there are plenty of high quality natural cleaning products available on the market. The key is being able to differentiate which products are best for various situations. In this article, we will go over some of the things that you are going to want to do in order to be able to successfully identify which natural cleaning products you should consider. We ask East County Cleaning Services, an El Cajon House Cleaning company to help us with some of the products and tricks they have learned over the years.

Finding The Top Natural Cleaning Products:

1. Ingredients.

The most important thing that you are going to want to consider when it comes to finding the top natural cleaning products is the ingredients. The ingredients that are used in the products are the most important factor to consider. After all, you want to make sure that the ingredients are not only effective, but that they are also natural and safe. The best way to do this is by looking up each ingredient individually and seeing the stats on them. By doing this, you should be able to figure out which ingredients you should be looking for in various cleaning products.

2. Reviews.

Another factor that you are going to want to consider is the reviews of each individual product. The good thing about the marketplace today is the ability to distinguish which products are good and which products are not worthy of investing in based on real customer reviews and feedback. When you are attempting to find the best product, it would be wise to filter the products based on review rating. You should try to look for products that have a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars on the marketplace. By doing this, you should be able to narrow down and pinpoint the best products to invest in within the cleaning industry.


3. Price.

Another important factor that you are going to need to consider is pricing. The price of the cleaning products is very important because a natural cleaning service can get very expensive. Thus, you want to be certain that you are getting a good deal. By looking to see which products have the best price to value ratio, you should be able to find the right product(s) to invest in.

As you can see, there are many different factors that you are going to want to look at when it comes to finding the top products to opt for in the natural cleaning product industry. Ideally, you are going to want to find the products that provide the best price to performance ratio. The best way to do this is by looking at the products in the marketplace and seeing which have the best reputation both in terms of individual products and actual brands. This should help you find the top products in the marketplace.


Increase Revenue with Online Marketing

digital marketing and advertising

With the rise of online marketing these days, companies have benefited a lot from the increased sales from increased traffic as well as revenue earning. There is a lot that can be utilized online to bring huge profits for the company. You can do these techniques or your own or hire an expert. The basic one that every company is going for is site optimization. This is focused on increasing the traffic to the company’s website. This then makes it simple to catch the many prospects identified. Sales increase and so do the profits earned. Below are ways that companies are using to earn more income online.

Increased sales by higher consumer conversion rates
Business online is very competitive. In fact, it discourages many who go in there with a lot of unrealistic expectation. You have to fight for the top position to earn more. However, this has been simplified with the current ways of SEO and other web design techniques. This involves making the website look the best and letting the search engines know who exactly you are and the products you deal with. This will earn you more visibility to your prospects online. These people will visit specific websites for shopping purposes. The SEO applied will make sure that they are attracted and pleased with the site so that they are converted to customers. The end results are more sales and hence more profits. Many businesses are earning considerate revenues with the help of a digital marketing firm who incorporates various aspects of online advertising to use search engines in their clients favor.

CPM advertising
It does not matter how small the revenue may be to the company. Plenty of small revenues will amount to huge revenue. CPM advertising is whereby the internet is a network. For other sites to advertise their business or content via your site, they have to pay for the Ads added. Developing your site so that it is an icon and highly ranked on the internet will attract other business to advertise through you. The more they advertise, the more they pay and the more the company revenues.

online marketing

Subscriber data and e-mails marketing
Just building an email list for a company can earn some extra cash. This will depend on the customer acceptance for email receiving even from third parties. Other companies that think your customers can also be their prospects will approach you for the email lists and you can offer them at a price. Other marketers may also see your effective e-mail marketing strategy and opt to advertise their businesses via your newsletter that you send to subscribers. These too will be charged and hence increased revenue.

Permission to access a document
Companies are known to offer access to files online at a cost. Considering the wide range of people they reach and those who pay for its access, there is a lot of revenue with this strategy. The file can be a video, document, music clip etc. These files are protected to prevent unwanted access to users who do not want to pay for that specific file. Digital service companies like those selling movies, software, music and other types of digital data use this approach to maximize revenue.


Male Waxing Tips

Just like women, men also need waxing in order to do away with their unwanted body hair. Many men will wonder why waxing and not shaving or laser hair removal. What you need to understand is that shaving just involves cutting off the hair at the skin’s surface while waxing involves removing the hair from its roots. Though painful exercise, waxing is the best step to take since the results are far better than shaving especially for longer periods of time. Below are some recommendations for men's waxing.
There are various reasons why it is good to wax instead of shaving. Some of the reasons are:
•  It removes the hair from its root thereby enabling you to have a skin free of hair for 3-6 weeks depending on the person.
•  Unlike with shaving where your skin is smooth for a short period of time and many times not even after shaving, waxing leaves your skin feeling soft for a few weeks.
•  Waxing can improve your self-esteem especially for men who are self-conscious about excessive body hair
•  Waxing will eventually reduce hair growth and your hair will start to thin out.
• Waxing can help with ingrown hairs and many of the problems that come with ingrown hair

If you have any open wounds just postpone the waxing till you heal. This also applies sunburned skin which could be very painful if done during this time. There are may pre-waxing tips, but the biggest tip is to find some who is a professional and expert at waxing. Finding a Brazilian sugaring waxing expert is something we recommend even if you don't get a male Brazilian wax. If you have a Brazilian wax expert  do your waxing, you can be certain they have plenty of practice with waxing the most sensitive areas so getting your back or chest wax from a well-qualified esthetician just makes sense.

Pre-waxing tips
• Two weeks prior to your appointment, do not shave. Your hair must be at least ½ inch long and therefore, it is not good to shave or apply the hair removal creams.
• Make sure you shower before you go for your waxing
• Exfoliate the are that will be waxed. Exfoliation will get rid of dead skin and will help reduce itchiness and ingrown hairs after waxing.
• Refrain from the use of any lotions on the skin before coming for your waxing day. Lotion does not only change the wax’s consistency, but it also makes it hard for the hair removal.

After waxing, apply an antiseptic product and avoid the sun or water like pools and seawater.

Post-waxing tips
• Keep the waxed area clean and also protected from heat exposure for at least three days after the waxing
• Wear clean and loose fitted clothes
• Apply antiseptic creams on your skin for the next two days so that you can keep the skin smooth
• Apply on the waxed area products made from tea tree oil since these products are usually antibacterial.
• Avoid hot baths or showers
• Abstain from sunbathing or any other form of tanning programs as much as possible.
• Keep off from spas, salons, saunas or hot tubs
mens chest waxing manscaping

Your first wax experience can be quite heart wrecking, but with proper research waxing is a service that can help you personally. For many people waxing is the only solutions to their problem. Just remember you will not be the first man to get a wax. To sum up this article, the best thing we recommend is to find a reviews online base and make a sound decision on a wax spa that is well established. We recommend you find a waxing and sugaring spa since they will be well informed on how to use the various types of wax.